Thursday, June 08, 2006

Her First Crazy

While looking around the web, minding my own business, I ran into this copy of a letter, supposedly sent by Vicki Polin a.k.a. Rachel, to the ADL, which was trying, at the time, to put out the fire she started on the Oprah show.

As we’re in the course of studying in depth this sociopath’s style and modus operandi, it’s fascinating to see the Vicki Polin personality we all know and dread emerging here. Also, note the typical VP misspellings, as well as erratic style-jumps from academic to fourth-grade sentence structure. For VP experts, this find is a delight. I bolded the misspellings and grammatical oopses for your reading pleasure.

I transcribed as hard as I could, check out the jpeg for the original.

July 18, 1989

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith
[All Chapters]
823 United Nations Plaza
New York
, New York 10017

To whom it may concern,

In my eyes and the eyes of other Jewish Survivors of Ritual Abuse, you attempted to discredit us the same way the Revisionism Movement trys to discredit the fact that the Holocaust ever occurred.

I feel you owe each and every Jewish Survivor of Ritual Abuse an apology. I believe the Jewish Community needs to take it’s head out of the sand and open it’s eyes!!! Incest, Child sexual, and Ritual Abuse happens in Jewish Families. Jews are not exempt from perpetrating these crimes.

I understand that you felt that Oprah Winfrey was being Anti-Semitic by bringing up the issue I was from “A Nice Jewish Family”. I believe she was as shocked as you were. Our society believes the myth that Jews can’t be pedophiles, or abuse their own children. This is a “MYTH”, they do abuse children. There are even those who practice cannibalism, and perform human sacrifices. Believe me I saw it with my own eyes. I’ve come to the point in my life were I feel I need to bare-witness. I have and will continue to until I’m sure what I had to endure as a child is believed by you and others like you. I will do what ever is possible so what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else!


CC. Oprah Winfrey, Believe The Children, DeL. Sinandl (?), Dale Griffis, PhD., Many Voice’s, Voice’s In Action, INC., Healing Hearts, YWCA-Women’s Serv. NOW-National Organization of Women, Pr. James Labre

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Let’s Do It to Them Texas Style

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Can he do the Tomdelay?

The next watershed event in US politics will take place not in some backwater red state suckling on bluestate teats, but right here, in the Empire State, home to the now dead and gone specie once known as Liberal Republicans. According to John C. Fortier of the American Enterprise Institute, the most important political race in America will be the Democrats’ effort to take over the State Senate.

Only five, count them, 5 Senate seats separate the New York Democratic party from gaining the majority in both state houses, while Elliot Spitzer glides majestically into the big house in Albany.

What happens next is the stuff of GOP nightmares. There are 9 Republican seats in the NY Congressional delegation. By tradition and convention, as those districts have been drawn following the 2000 census, in 2002, they should expect to remain drawn that way until 2012.

But with complete control over everything, the NY Dems could borrow a page from the Tom Delay playbook, and run their markers up and down the Long Island and Upstate maps, making the Republican delegation all but extinct come 2008.

Do we want to see this coming? Well, being a frothing at the mouth Bush Hater, I’m insulted you even asked. If we can create 9 extra New York Democrats, we can retake America, boys and girls.

Last time I checked, New Yorkers were spending $1.25 for every $1. we receive from Washington. This means that those heaps of spiritual waste scheming to slowly bring us back to the 18th Century have been getting my extra quarter, to plan future assaults on the environment, scientific research and personal freedoms. Well, I want my quarter back, and I hope our NY Dems, who are far better warriors than the rest of the donkey party, will gerrymander the daylights out of the GOP.


The only problem is that, while being a better class of Democrats, our representatives may consider themselves too refined and decent to engage in the Tom Delay Tango. That leaves it up to us to persuade the Dem leadership to both engage in actively seeking to take back the State Senate (we did have it once, for about 15 minutes), and that once we win those 4 local races for Democratic candidates, we push our decent and refined leadership to unsheathe the short knives and to go a-hacking.

Our country is already in the throes of a civil war, with the one difference being that our side hasn’t found out about it yet. We’re being impoverished and destroyed by the most backward elements of our society. It’s time to stop them. We have the power, we have the money, we have the skill. All we need now is the political will to decimate the NY State GOP. The rest of the victory thing will come surprisingly easily.

Get your Democratic representatives to join the effort to terminate the 35-27 Republican Senate majority in Albany. These races are the cheapest to win – get the party volunteers out there and convince several hundred local Democrats to turn out come election day, it doesn’t take much more than that. This is not presidential campaigning, people, this is the State Senate, for crying out loud.

Let’s add the act of Tomdelaying to the old tradition of Gerrymandering in New York State, and let’s TAKE BACK THE UNION!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm Rubber You're Glue. . .

We bring the article as is, no touch-ups, no corrections. You read it, you decide for yourself what lurks inside that big heart. If you can trace some of the language to later behavior on the part of the author, feel free to comment. Remember, we didn't say it was original, but we do think it's revealing. Read and learn.

Self Protection from Projection

© (1996) Vicki Polin, MA, ATR, LCPC

Projection is one of the first defenses or protective mechanisms learned as a child. A child needs to feel a sense of importance. When this is threatened there becomes a need to feel a sense of some sort of magical power over another person, to feel safe, guiltless, important. When there is a conflict that is intolerable internally, a child will externalize the feelings on to someone or something. How many times have you heard stories bout a young child breaking something and saying "I didn't do it, Marc did it" or It just fell by itself". The child is unable to own his/her own feelings of guilt or shame. The same thing happens to us as adults.

But what do you do when you are the one who is being projected upon? What do you do with the feelings and protect yourself from feeling hurt? How do you disengage from the negative energy that is flowing? How do you NOT do unto others as they do unto you? The answers can be both simple and complex. The first step is being able to recognized a projection. The second step is learning not to internalize the feelings, in other words "Don't take it personally". Simple to say, yet extremely difficult to do. That's where remembering "I am rubber, you are glue..." comes in handy.

Most people want to have a good relationship with their family, friends, co-workers, yet experience difficulties because, as one client said "No one knows better than my parents and other family members how to push my buttons." "I get crazy and do and/or say things I wish I wouldn't."

Sometimes I do things that are self-destructive just to make the feelings go away." Some common self-abusive behaviors include self-mutilation, suicide attempts, sexual acting out, alcohol/chemical abuse, binge eating, starving, etc. These symptoms can be a result of something someone said, or caused by intense feelings that one just doesn't know what to do with. Sometimes it feels like people I care about are trying to get me upset." "It feels like they want me to hurt myself". These are also projections.

Remember "I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you" may help separate your feelings from someone else's projection. When you are feeling under attack and the child within is panicking, it may be helpful to remember this poem. Say it loudly to yourself when you feel that someone is saying negative things to you that do not seem to fit. It may help to stay separate from the intense feelings someone is trying to give to you. It can be a way to protect yourself instead of owning their feelings. Most important is that it may also help you with some of the intense feelings that may trigger some of your own negative reactions.

Monday, June 05, 2006


The Truth about George W. Bush

This situation took place in 1984 in the State of Tennessee. It concerns a 41 year old woman [currently residing in Las Vegas], Victor Ashe and George Bush's encounter in 1984 during the senate debates between Al Gore, Jr., Victor Ashe and Ed McAteer. She was invited to come to Tennessee by Victor Ashe. While attending one of these debates she spoke briefly with Ed McAteer (Senatorial candidate in 1984 who debated alongside Al Gore, Jr. and Victor Ashe, and was responsible in part for the emergence of the Religious Right).

When this Las Vegas woman told us about her conversation with Ed McAteer we thought it was something that should be looked into. He was being treated for cancer so we had to move quickly to open a dialogue. We believed obtaining a death bed declaration [if it came down to that] of a man of Ed McAteer's stature in the Christian community [he was called the Godfather of the Religious Right] would have held tremendous weight. Ed [finally] coming forward to say what he witnessed or knew concerning this matter would have been unimpeachable. Ed was a staunch supporter of the state of Israel and quietly lobbied for the post of U.S. ambassador to Israel back in 2001 but was turned down for the position by none other than George W. Bush. It seems in George W. Bush's isolated bubble, ambassadorships are rewards set aside for friends and lovers only.

The Las Vegas woman was paid $15,000 to arrange sexual liaisons involving bisexual men for George W. Bush (then private citizen) and Victor Ashe (then a Tennessee State Senator). These adulterous bisexual affairs (3 encounters in all-3 different cities) took place in the state of Tennessee during the 1984 senate debates between, Al Gore, Jr., Victor Ashe and Ed McAteer. An African-American woman was invited to participate in this adulterous sexual encounter with George W. Bush and Victor Ashe immediately following the Chattanooga senatorial debate. This woman was paid $1,500. A few years later the Las Vegas woman was detained in Washington D.C. with Victor Ashe by the Metro D.C. police. She was released but Victor was taken into custody.

So confident was this woman that Ed would have remembered her [and their meeting] she had finally come forward and was prepared to tell it all. She will swear to the authenticity of what is being imparted here, which is the reason that we built this website so we could get this information out to you.

Read More

Leola McConnell, Democratic candidate for Governor of Nevada and professional dominatrix speaks out

"President Bush's speech to the nation Monday. If he doesn't say he's a gay American or at the least a bisexual one then he shouldn't be making one at all. And the notion that it would be in regards to writing bigotry into our nation's Constitution is reprehensible. Too bad it isn't me doing the rebuttal because in 1984, I watched him perform (with the enthusiasm of homosexual male who had done this many times before) a homosexual act on another man, namely Victor Ashe. Victor Ashe is the current Ambassador to the nation of Poland who should also come out like former Governor McGreevey of New Jersey and admit to being a gay American. Other homo-erotic acts were also performed by then private citizen George Bush because I performed one of them on him personally.

I am the woman this website ( speaks of that has been posted on the net nearly two years now. None of this would be the business of anyone but President Bush's little ruse to save his failed presidency by using DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act] to divide Americans one from the other has to be exposed as the act of a desperate closeted homosexual man. The only crime in being GLBT is in the hiding. The President needs to come clean with the American people about his own past sexual behavior before he tries to besmirch the humanity of people in search of sincerely committing to the same bonds of matrimony he's afforded. He violated his own vows of monogamy having a homosexual affair with a long time family friend of whom his wife had no knowledge. His hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.

I had planned to run for governor of Nevada without going into any of this but his planned nationally televised address to the nation makes it necessary for me to address his attempt at division in as public a way as he picked to try this Bushification of reality regarding same sex marriages.

Leola McConnell
Liberal Democratic candidate for Governor of Nevada"

I Need Some Time Off. I Want to Do New Things. I Want to Sleep More Hours

This item was posted on in 1998. I'm re-posting it because we're getting old and someone should keep track of what happened when. Special thanks to Larry Yudelson, without whom this archival material would have gone back into the ether.

Interview with JCN's retiring Senior Editor Yori Yanover.

by Yori Yanover

We're sitting in Mr. Yanover's downtown office, separated by a lavish screen from the bedroom he shares with his wife of 21 years. Thankfully he and I encompass only one body, so the area is sufficiently spacious (can you say "sufficiently spacious" three times in a row really quickly?).

Yanover, a former journalist for US Hebrew rag Israel Shelanu and the US supplement of Yedioth Aharonoth, is surrounded today by a great deal of stuff he has acquired over the Internet, using his Visa card. He sports a Quantex with a 300 MH processor, 128 Megabyte Ram, 6 gigabyte hard-drive memory and 17 inch screen. He is very proud of these. He also owns a Umax scanner, Apple LaserWriter printer, a phone and an answering machine.

He also says he owns several books, but hasn't seen them recently. Yanover has been online since around October of 1994, when he was first reprimanded for posting inappropriate messages on the Compuserve Jewish message board. His claim that he merely mixed his messages to the sex forum with those for the Jewish discussion only made matters worse.

Getting hired as an editor for a new Jewish online venture was only a matter of time at that point.

Q: Why are you leaving JCN?

Yanover: Right to the point, eh? No chit-chat, the facts, Ma'am, only the --

Q: Come on, already…

Yanover: Look, I've been here since the beginning of time. I want to get into new things. I want to be off-line for a while. You have a problem with that?

Q: Well, since you're one of the only Webzine editors who actually gets paid for what he does...

Yanover: This is true, and I'm thankful for that. In fact, this may be a good spot to thank Niv Bleich, President of Advanced Standard, our parent company, for launching and running this great service.

Q: Any other thank-you notes before we continue?

Yanover: Literally dozens of people took part in creating this great tool of Jewish intercourse (are we getting an R rating for this?). I'll mention those who really imbued the site with their souls.

Adi Ben Jakob, our former technical director, who hated my essays in Yedioth so much, he decided he had to have me here, if only to raise the temperature; Yoram Ezra, who gave the zine its first graphic personality; Max Levitte, who created the Web guide and was our first news editor; Larry Yudelson, who really shaped the attitudes and ambition of JCN; Michal Mart, who yanked the site into the next generation of Internet interactivity; Tzvee Zahavy, who lent us a quality of distinction.

And, like I said, literally dozens of others whose lives crossed JCN's at one point or another and helped make it a truly fun spot.

Q: Is there JCN after Yori Yanover?

Yanover: Are you kidding? In many ways the game is just now starting. I believe the new editor, Eve Yudelson, is just the person to take JCN into the next Century, so to speak. She's young, she's totally unpredictable, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the fruits of her labor. I'm told the News department will undergo a quantum change, which I'll be following eagerly.

But first I'm getting off line for a few weeks. I may read a book.

Q: Who's your favorite author?

Yanover: Patricia Anthony, absolutely the best thing that's happened to sci-fi in ages.

Q: Why are you leaving JCN?

Yanover: I want to write a book. Maybe a sequel to my book on Lubavitch.

Q: Seriously, though, why are you leaving JCN?

Yanover: I need some time off. I want to do new things. I want to sleep more hours.

Q: What's your favorite corner on JCN?

Yanover: I love them all equally.

Q: What did you hate most on JCN?

Yanover: Deleting forum messages.

Yori Yanover is JCN's former senior editor.