Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McCain Swiftboated – At Last

I’ve been asking for the past 18 months why the experience of getting shot down during a mission of bombing civilians in Hanoi, and then sitting in a bamboo cage for five years, prepares you for the presidency. But maybe I wasn’t qualified to pose the question. Maybe there’s something in the experience of prison which builds up your ability to plan energy policy and economic renewal. But if that’s really the case, maybe our politicians should serve their prison terms before, not after they get elected. But I digress.

Dr. Phillip Butler knew McCain as a fellow POW. He makes all the points I thought needed to be made, except he doesn’t mention the Keating Five fiasco or the part about ditching your car-accident victim wife for a prettier, richer woman. But what Butler says is enough to stir the conversation in its proper direction.

Please don’t let John Sydney McCain anywhere near the red button!


Blogger Sparkleplenty27 said...

I know McCain and many of the POWs from Vietnam - This man is a liar - plain and simple. Moreover as Jews you should know the truth of what you have done in suppport of him - as follows:
What is done, is done. But I take enormous issue with the notion that Obama is pro-Israel, pro-Jew, or even pro-Christian. The fact of the matter is that Obama has alliances with people and organizations (alliances that he CHOSE) who are very radical, very Marxist in their ideology, and who are extremely anti-Israel, anti-Jew, anti-Christian, and anti-American, while all are pro-Palestine. Efforts to convince Florida Jews (as Jews all over America) that Obama was in their corner was an organized effort by left-wing liberals in Hollywood. I have done extensive research and Obama has the following alliances:
**Mike Klonsky – Communist (father was too, went to prison in 50s for being one); guest of Red Chinese government on many occasions, to counsel them on how to bring down the US; partner with Ayres in creating the “Small School Project” in Chicago, which received significant funds from Obama in 1997 while on board.
**George Soros – billionaire, HATER of Jews, Christians and Israel (and Bush). Financial backer to Obama, founder of “Shadow Party” (a front for 527s). Seeks to legalize drugs (he is still a heavy user), and at behest of Clinton, spent time in E. Europe orchestrating coups.
**Khalid Al Monsour - anti-American/anti-Jewish, linked to the heavy hitters of Middle East, pro Hamas, money guy for Obama
** Nadhmi Auchi – Iraqi, cousin of Sadam, bankrolled long time friend Tony Rezko house deal which in turn funded Obama’s house purchase (to some percentage). Auchi in partnership with Rezko, and is accused of ripping off vast sums from UN “oil for food” program.
**Rashid Khalidi - enormous hatred for America, Jews, and Israel - financial backer and mentor to Obama; worked with Prince Al-Talal in Saudi Arabia (the Royal family backs terrorism against US and Israel).
**Obama has been member (may still be) of the “New Party” which gave birth to the National Socialist Party in US.
**Frank David - Communist, lifelong mentor to Obama, anti-American
**Louis Farrakhan, friend of Obama, head of Nation of Islam, hater of America and Jews,
I urge all Jews around the US to view this video made by a man from the Netherlands - about Muslims in Europe
I believe that if Israel falls, so too will the Western World. Obama does NOT have the interests of Jews anywhere, and certainly NOT Israel at heart. Rather, his friendships and alliances suggest that he will work in support of Hamas and Palestine to eliminate Israel.
Obama promises to create his “National Security Force” (shades of Hitler’s brown shirts, or black shirts) -
Obama will bankrupt Social Security, elevate the capital gains tax and all other taxes, and take utilities costs through the roof.
You have given support to a man who will be your undoing. Be wary, alert and vocal in your dissent.
to learn even more about Obama, go to
May God bless us all.

5:37 AM, November 05, 2008  

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