Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Let’s Do It to Them Texas Style

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Can he do the Tomdelay?

The next watershed event in US politics will take place not in some backwater red state suckling on bluestate teats, but right here, in the Empire State, home to the now dead and gone specie once known as Liberal Republicans. According to John C. Fortier of the American Enterprise Institute, the most important political race in America will be the Democrats’ effort to take over the State Senate.

Only five, count them, 5 Senate seats separate the New York Democratic party from gaining the majority in both state houses, while Elliot Spitzer glides majestically into the big house in Albany.

What happens next is the stuff of GOP nightmares. There are 9 Republican seats in the NY Congressional delegation. By tradition and convention, as those districts have been drawn following the 2000 census, in 2002, they should expect to remain drawn that way until 2012.

But with complete control over everything, the NY Dems could borrow a page from the Tom Delay playbook, and run their markers up and down the Long Island and Upstate maps, making the Republican delegation all but extinct come 2008.

Do we want to see this coming? Well, being a frothing at the mouth Bush Hater, I’m insulted you even asked. If we can create 9 extra New York Democrats, we can retake America, boys and girls.

Last time I checked, New Yorkers were spending $1.25 for every $1. we receive from Washington. This means that those heaps of spiritual waste scheming to slowly bring us back to the 18th Century have been getting my extra quarter, to plan future assaults on the environment, scientific research and personal freedoms. Well, I want my quarter back, and I hope our NY Dems, who are far better warriors than the rest of the donkey party, will gerrymander the daylights out of the GOP.


The only problem is that, while being a better class of Democrats, our representatives may consider themselves too refined and decent to engage in the Tom Delay Tango. That leaves it up to us to persuade the Dem leadership to both engage in actively seeking to take back the State Senate (we did have it once, for about 15 minutes), and that once we win those 4 local races for Democratic candidates, we push our decent and refined leadership to unsheathe the short knives and to go a-hacking.

Our country is already in the throes of a civil war, with the one difference being that our side hasn’t found out about it yet. We’re being impoverished and destroyed by the most backward elements of our society. It’s time to stop them. We have the power, we have the money, we have the skill. All we need now is the political will to decimate the NY State GOP. The rest of the victory thing will come surprisingly easily.

Get your Democratic representatives to join the effort to terminate the 35-27 Republican Senate majority in Albany. These races are the cheapest to win – get the party volunteers out there and convince several hundred local Democrats to turn out come election day, it doesn’t take much more than that. This is not presidential campaigning, people, this is the State Senate, for crying out loud.

Let’s add the act of Tomdelaying to the old tradition of Gerrymandering in New York State, and let’s TAKE BACK THE UNION!


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