Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Publisher’s Labor Day BBQ a Huge Success

The Ben Yehuda Press annual Labor Day picnic was the best so far. Larry and Eve Yudelson, who own the not-so-fledgling-any-more publishing house, presented a satisfying program, comprised of members of their stable of authors, and two of their children, who sang and read with amazing talents, reminding the authors in the crowd of the old rule of the stage, never work with animals or kids.

I’ll probably go into more detail later, when I go through the business cards I stashed in my other shirt pocket, but for now let me tell you, I had HUGE loads of fun. Especially since I got to read for the first time from the print version of The Cabalist Daughter. But I have to say, I had even more fun reading and engaging the audience in the chapter on abortion from How Would God really Vote.

I’ve also decided, once and for all, to start the work of translating Dancing and Crying, which I co-authored in 1994, detailing the last two years in the life of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Might even be a cute gift package, Dancing and Daughter, part one as the non-fiction, part two as fiction, the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays.

Like Jimmy Carter said to McCain: Milk it for all it’s worth…


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