Thursday, June 08, 2006

Her First Crazy

While looking around the web, minding my own business, I ran into this copy of a letter, supposedly sent by Vicki Polin a.k.a. Rachel, to the ADL, which was trying, at the time, to put out the fire she started on the Oprah show.

As we’re in the course of studying in depth this sociopath’s style and modus operandi, it’s fascinating to see the Vicki Polin personality we all know and dread emerging here. Also, note the typical VP misspellings, as well as erratic style-jumps from academic to fourth-grade sentence structure. For VP experts, this find is a delight. I bolded the misspellings and grammatical oopses for your reading pleasure.

I transcribed as hard as I could, check out the jpeg for the original.

July 18, 1989

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith
[All Chapters]
823 United Nations Plaza
New York
, New York 10017

To whom it may concern,

In my eyes and the eyes of other Jewish Survivors of Ritual Abuse, you attempted to discredit us the same way the Revisionism Movement trys to discredit the fact that the Holocaust ever occurred.

I feel you owe each and every Jewish Survivor of Ritual Abuse an apology. I believe the Jewish Community needs to take it’s head out of the sand and open it’s eyes!!! Incest, Child sexual, and Ritual Abuse happens in Jewish Families. Jews are not exempt from perpetrating these crimes.

I understand that you felt that Oprah Winfrey was being Anti-Semitic by bringing up the issue I was from “A Nice Jewish Family”. I believe she was as shocked as you were. Our society believes the myth that Jews can’t be pedophiles, or abuse their own children. This is a “MYTH”, they do abuse children. There are even those who practice cannibalism, and perform human sacrifices. Believe me I saw it with my own eyes. I’ve come to the point in my life were I feel I need to bare-witness. I have and will continue to until I’m sure what I had to endure as a child is believed by you and others like you. I will do what ever is possible so what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else!


CC. Oprah Winfrey, Believe The Children, DeL. Sinandl (?), Dale Griffis, PhD., Many Voice’s, Voice’s In Action, INC., Healing Hearts, YWCA-Women’s Serv. NOW-National Organization of Women, Pr. James Labre


Anonymous Vicki Is a Fat Pig said...

Great find!

5:21 PM, June 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahemmm... you missed the blooper in the first line of the second paragraph, 'Jewish Surivor'. Oh, and the Anti-Semetic Oprah in the third, as well. She spells pedophile correctly though, she sure knows pedophilia, does our Vicki. Vicki Polin is a classic pedophile, displaying a classic pedophile's profile. Shame she couldn't have been a catholic priest, Judaism offer such lean pickins' for someone of Vicki Polin's tastes.

6:04 AM, June 23, 2006  
Anonymous Fivel Rothberg said...


Israel we had such high hopes
and now they’re nothing.
Israel two soldiers down and how many more to go?
You taught me well in Hebrew school.
I don’t remember a word.
Israel when will we end the human war?
Go find a mohel to circumcise your nuclear bombs.
I don’t feel so good don’t bother me.
I won’t stop k’vetching till you’ve laid down your arms.
Israel why are two Jews worth
hundreds of innocent lives?
Israel what ever happened to the peaceful kibbutzim
I was told about?
Israel why all the fighting?
I’m sick of your insane demands
Israel why have you not learned from the Holocaust?
Must we continue this cycle of violence?
Israel you are the abused child lashing out at the world.
You made me want to love you.
And now I don’t.

Israel you pummeled Lebanon and its children to smithereens.
Are you happy now?
Israel you just did the work of 100,000 mujahideen.
You are a better recruiter than bin Laden could ever hope to be.

Israel why didn’t you get psychotherapy when I told you to?
Are you off your medication?
Israel I wished I believed in Hell so that your generals would burn in it.
Israel the olive trees are blossoming.
Now their ripened fruit rot in the fields.
Israel you slaughtered all the farmers
and wonder why their children seek revenge.
Israel I refuse to say Kaddish for your war dead.
I feel sick every time I think of you.
Israel are you my homeland or my nightmare?
Are you even listening?
Israel do you know that people really believe in ZOG.
You’re not doing a good job of proving them wrong you know.
Israel I don’t think Emma Goldman would approve of this kind of behavior.
Did you think that the millions of exiles you confined in refugee camps would grow to love you?
Israel who is the Nazi now? I ask you.

The Arabs are all around us.
They’re hiding bombs under those burkas.
I’d better consider building a wall.
My natural resources consist of one thousand General Electric nuclear warheads, hundreds of fighter jets from Lockheed Martin and some leftover Biblical prophesies that taste fine served cold.
Don’t you know the evangelicals just love holy war, I mean Israel, I mean jumpstarting the apocalypse.
Oops did I say that out loud?

Israel you seemed a lot better when I was a kid.
Israel I hope you die of lung cancer.
Israel long live the refuseniks.
Israel we are all suffering now, thank you.
Israel couldn’t we go back to those idyllic times?
In Hebrew school Arabs didn’t even exist.
It was always our land.
Israel where is my all expense paid Birthright trip to the holy land?
Israel if I say b’vakasha will you stop murdering innocent people?

-Fivel Rothberg (with some help from allen ginsberg)

4:12 PM, July 23, 2006  
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