Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ultra-Christian Digs a Pit and Falls In It

He who digs a pit shall fall in it, and he that rolls a stone, it shall return upon him (Proverbs 26:27)

What a pleasure to see God wreaking old fashioned poetic justice on sinners! In early August, a member of James Dobson’s ultra-Christian Focus on Family urged his followers to ask God for torrential downpours during the Obama acceptance speech, on August 28. Now, we all know that God showed her support for Obama back in July, when the senator from Illinois sank a 3-pointer in a Kuwait gym on his first try (see vid).

If I were a superstitious Republican, that would have been my cue to lay off the guy. But they didn’t. Stuart Shepard, apprenticing for James Dobson’s ultra-Christian Focus on Family, shot this "pray-for-rain" video, urging viewers to ask God for torrential downpours during the Obama acceptance speech, last August 28 (see vid).

Well, you want to mess with the ruler of the universe, you have only yourself to blame. Currently the threat of Hurricane Gustav, complete with torrential downpours, is threatening to drown Louisiana, and may delay and even scrap the Republican convention in St. Paul this week. At least Shepard showed some good taste in apologizing for his bad (see vid), although this was before he realized how he had drawn the wrath of heaven to the entire RNC.

Is this cool, or what? Also, remember the next verse in Proverbs: A lying tongue hates those that are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin. Republicans, you’re in a heap of it…


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