Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Missing Link

Hi, Luke,

You may or may not know that the "Survivors" website is re-posting your entry on Dr. Aviva Weisbord from 5/21. I discovered it on my daily scanning of my own name online, which I do in anticipation of, perhaps, some day, joining the ranks of shame on VP's websites and mailing lists. The most interesting aspect of this re-post is the fact that all of the links from your original piece are copied copiously, save for one. Guess which (hint - it's in the following paragraph)...

Phil Jacobs, along with Gary Rosenblatt, were given the story of Vicki Polin's 1989 appearance on Oprah before anybody but never published anything on it. About six months after Phil and Gary had the story, I was given it by Yori Yanover and, after ascertaining the transcript's accuracy, immediately published it.

Have a day of peace,


(Needless to say, Mr. Ford was not surprised...)


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