Thursday, April 27, 2006

Office Pool – Vote Up or Down on Rove Indictment

Lawrence O’Donnell on the Huffinton Post today says the question of whether or not Karl Rove will be indicted any time soon depends on who is behind his Grand Jury appearance. If it was the prosecutor, Fitzgerald, who asked Rove to show, it means there isn’t yet enough evidence to indict. On the other hand, if it’s Rove who asked for it, it means his lawyer knows something’s coming down and he pushed his client to speak up before the indictment is decided.

My sense is that you don’t resign your White House Position unless you think you’re becoming a liability in 4-3-2… So I believe there is an indictment coming. But my track record on major predictions stinks. I predicted a Kerry win in ’04, for crying out loud.

So, what do you think? And, please, try to use your name, or any name, when you comment. The anonymous thing is starting to annoy me. Thanks.


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