Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Noticed Massive Traffic From Vicki Polin

Nancy Barkdull a.k.a. "Jane" I'm getting a lot of hits since she's directing people in her calls to action, this week we registered over 1000 visits for the first time. And with the new spotlight she can put on me and mordechai gafni the topic is hotting up still more.

I followed one of the links to call to action Rabbi Worch BDSM and she's got quite a spread there on me. with a photo and bits from the front page of open kabbalah_101. I'm supposing it is in retaliation for my posting pics of her on the front page of Open Yeshiva and making fun of her.

I also noticed "Jane" i.e. Nancy Barkdull has re-entered the list in jousting with you there. This is no doubt in sync with her newfound need to come snooping on all my web pages where I have stat counters. she visits all my web pages, Livejournal, Openyeshiva, kabbalah_101, at least once a day. I doubt she's looking for a snailmail address to send money to pay me what she borrowed from me...

I think the inivitation from Luke Ford (to give him an interview) comes on the back of these activities, he's acting at the urging of Vicki and Nancy and there is nothing benign in his intent.

's'what I fink

Hershy Worch


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